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From Static to Programmable. Leveraging the next wave of virtualization to deliver secure end-to-end..

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Service Provider (SP) cloud architectures and strategies are continuing to evolve. One of the most visible attributes of this transition is the shift to application-aware, programmable on-demand networks, that support real-time traffic routing and hybrid connectivity.

In this new model, application and security network functions, such as firewalls, application acceleration, and remote access, are being virtualized so customers can order these on-demand functions via self-service portals. In an implementation context, since the enterprise network is virtualized at the edge, control will depend on deep visibility into end-to-end application usage and behavior from the data center to the customer premises.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What to consider when designing programmable networks to support and secure your applications
  • The pros and cons of new virtualized network functions that can be delivered to customer premises
  • How to take advantage of programmable networks with end-to-end visibility, improved QoE and real-time reporting

  • Keywords:
  • cloud
  • Cloud Core
  • Virtual Network